History and Insights

Major Milestones 2019-Onwards

With Mr. Prateek Kasliwal being the Amicus Curiae in the Prison Reforms’ PIL, the High Court whilst examining his inputs directed the State Government to open Petrol Pumps in Central Jail to be manned by the inmates. Mr. Kasliwal, inter alia, also acquainted the High Court with details/statistics pertaining to major concerns/issues across jails such as Sanitation, Food and Water, Health Care, Recreational Activities, Educational Activities, Vocational Activities, Infrastructure, and Welfare. The High Court affirmed with Mr. Kasliwal, & passed orders regarding strict positive developments towards the aforesaid aspects.

We represented Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Speaker C.P. Joshi in the matter concerning the issuance of ‘Disqualification Notices’ to 19 MLA’s.

We represented the Online Fantasy Sport Gaming App ‘Dream 11’ against a petition challenging the legality of the same. After hearing the submissions, the Rajasthan High Court was pleased to dismiss the petition and uphold the legality of Dream11 App as a game of mere skill, not being equivalent to gambling/betting.

Mr. Prateek Kasliwal was appointed as the Amicus Curiae by the Rajasthan High Court in the matter concerning discharge of water from Bisalpur Dam for drinking purposes.

Major Milestones 2016-18

Severe water-crisis was persisting in the State of Rajasthan, due to mishandling/misuse of natural resources of water, and improper implementation of State’s policies/schemes/initiatives towards the same. A PIL pertaining to the situation was preferred by us before the Rajasthan High Court, which seized with the issue and directed the State Government to submit a detailed report highlighting the steps taken to curb the menace caused by water crisis.

A Bangladeshi prisoner was illegally kept detained in the Jaipur Central Jail for years, with no means of being released. We represented him before the Court and assisted him to reach out to his homeland, thereby setting an example of liberation of human rights.

The Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) was long dissociated from the BCCI, since its suspension in 2013, thereby putting a long-halt on conduction of the game of Cricket in the State of Rajasthan. In a petition preferred by us, the Rajasthan High Court issued orders resulting in revocation of the suspension by BCCI, and conduction of election of Rajasthan Cricket Association. As such, the IPL was once again conducted in Rajasthan in 2018 after a long pause of over five years.

In a petition preferred by us challenging the State Transport Department’s scheme to charge a penalty for delay in obtaining pollution check certificates, the Rajasthan High Court was pleased to stay the scheme on the merits.

Major Milestones 2013-15

Elections in the Rajasthan University were being conducted in a manner challenged by us through a writ petition before the Rajasthan High Court. Consequently, the High Court called off the Rajasthan University’s Elections.

Various religious establishments had been placed on roads in Jaipur, thereby creating major hindrances in free-flow of road traffic. The Rajasthan High Court was apprised of this concern through a PIL preferred by us; subsequently, the High Court ordered that such establishments should be removed, and shall not be placed in Government school premises.

Major threats were being posed to the city’s heritage sites as a by-product of the rigorous Jaipur Metro construction work. In a PIL preferred and contested by us, Rajasthan High Court issued stringent directions to the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation thereby warranting absolute precaution/safety of the heritage sites within proximity of Metro-rail sites.

Despite there being immense scope for filling of the same, multiple vacancies continued to exist in Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Society. The concern was brought by us on behalf of RALSA before the Rajasthan High Court, which issued stern directions to the State Government for filling up such vacancies and ensure effective functioning of the Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Society.

Certain statutory commissions/panels were Head-less across the State of Rajasthan. With Mr. Prateek Kasliwal being the Amicus Curiae, the Rajasthan High Court directed the State Government to fill up the vacancies in such panels.

Various 4G towers had been setup/installed in residential areas across the city without approval of the Jaipur Development Authority. The issue was brought before the Rajasthan High Court by us on behalf of Justice (Retd.) I.S Israni. After considering our submissions, the Rajasthan High Court ordered the Government to remove all the 4G towers that had been setup without the JDA’s approval.

Various instances were occurring where vehicles were plying on city’s roads without any number plates. With Mr. Prateek Kasliwal being the Amicus Curiae, the Rajasthan High Court ordered the seizure of vehicles without number plates and permits.

Major Milestones 2010-12

In India’s first Satellite Telephone Case, we represented a London-based Italian Environmentalist Andre Pagnacco, wherein the Court passed the order of his acquittal. The matter got a global digital reporting by esteemed platforms such as Wall Street Journal, BBC, The Guardian etc.

The Rajasthan High Court took suo moto cognizance of the depleted and deteriorating conditions amongst the Rajasthan State Prisons. Mr. Prateek Kasliwal was appointed as the Amicus Curiae. Ever since, Mr. Kasliwal has been serving as the voice of the Prisoners; the situations have drastically improved, and the Prisoners’ right are being served more optimally.

Making it the first of its kind in the country, the Rajasthan High Court passed a landmark judgment in a PIL contested by us on behalf of a retired High Court Judge – Justice I.S Israni whereby the Court taking cognizance of the fact that radiations from mobile towers are harmful directed the removal of the mobile towers from establishments such as schools, colleges, hospitals and jails.