The Law Desk is one of India’s leading commercial and technology-focused law firms, delivering comprehensive advice in every commercial practice area. A national practice with growing lawyers, The Law Desk combines leadership, innovation, technical expertise and good business sense to ensure our clients receive the best legal service available.
The Law Desk is a broad-based full service law firm committed to provide a range of legal services, both inbound and outbound, covering the requirements of corporate and individual clients in a timely and a cost-effective manner. The Law Desk offer their clients the most comprehensive 24-hour, 365 days a year service. The team ensures that their client is best advised on every possible aspect of Law.
Deals in different categories of legal cases before the District and Sessions court, various Tribunals and High Court of Rajasthan, other High courts of India and Supreme Court of India
What makes this law firm different from our competitors? It’s technical excellence combined with commercial insight. It’s the ability to take the most complex questions and provide the clearest answers.
Our lawyers unashamedly love the law. But we understand clients don’t want pages on what legislation says. They want succinct answers that achieve their commercial aims. To achieve this, we use our intellectual creativity to distil complexity and provide clear-cut solutions.
Long-standing client relationships are one of the surest barometers of a law firm’s success in meeting its clients’ needs for legal services. The Law Desk lawyers pride themselves on developing continuing client relationships that are productive, professional and collegial. The Law Desk continues to build on the firm’s fundamental roots and values. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to three core objectives: legal work of the highest quality, attentive and responsive client service and community stewardship.
Our promise to clients is that they will receive the full breadth of The Law Desk’s extensive experience and knowledge in an efficient, cost-effective manner, using technology as a powerful tool to achieve that promise.
Partnering with each client remains at the heart of our business and technology strategies. We use technology to facilitate our partnerships with our clients by increasing the opportunities for, and quality of, two-way communication and collaboration. Custom-created, web-based extranets and other software applications enable case management, electronic billing, and threaded discussions about ongoing legal matters. Our professionals work closely with our lawyers and clients to assess each client’s needs, identify the suitability of existing technology and develop and implement innovative solutions.
Many legal matters today routinely include millions of documents. Using off-the-shelf, vendor hosted and proprietary technologies, we effectively manage volumes of information to the advantage of our clients, significantly reducing the high cost of document production and storage. For the largest matters, we create virtual document depositories that provide secure access to document images and coded text to litigants any time, anywhere.